2015 Nebraska vs Miami DVD

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September 19th, 2015 in Miami. Bitter but proud 36-33 OT loss to the Canes. A hot humid afternoon quiets the NU offense until T. Armstrong, J. Westerkamp, and B. Reilly bring it to life in the cool dusk of the 4th quarter. NU rallies from a 3 TD deficit in the fourth quarter to tie the game with a clutch last minute drive and 2 point conversion, adding to the legacy of amazing NU UM games in southern Florida. No better example of Husker Heart and True Grit can be found in NU's illustrious never-say-die gridiron history. The Blackshirts are sliced apart in the 1st quarter but gather themselves and smack the Canes around in the second half. T. Armstrong throws for 300 and makes many incredible impromptu scrambles to keep plays positive and make first downs. The receivers adjust to the hard hitting Cane d-backs and hang onto some heroic grabs in the comeback effort. Game DVD includes entire game footage as filmed by Husker Vision, complete with radio play-by-play for audio. 105 minutes.